Tailor made men clothing
Wool, Cotton, Linen


Tailor made Suits

The most important item in a man's wardrobe, our custom suits are created from a unique and individual pattern for each one of our clients to give them a perfect fit.

Tailor made Shirts

The quintessential business shirts - Crisp White or European Blue, Wide Italian collar or the button down, solids or plaids. 
Your shirts your way.

Tailor made Overcoats

Embrace the winters in our bespoke overcoat offering warmth of pure wool and cashmere, sharp lines and loads of style.
Tailor made Sports Jackets and Blazers

Countless ways of styling. Team it up with your khaki's or jeans, take it from office to dinner without changing a thing.

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Celebrate your occasions in an attire that's designed for that very purpose

Tailor made Tuxedo

Looking for a suit for your red carpet debut! With our tailor made dinner suits you would look sharp and elegant to make a lasting impression.

Tailor made Wedding Suits

As you gently hold her hand and walk down the aisle, all eyes are on the happy couple. She looks at you and falls in love again as you look absolutely impeccable in your classically tailored wedding suit.

Groomsmen Wedding Suits

So far they have been your biggest support and now as they are gearing up for your bachelor party, it's time you get them together for a fitting of a fabulous suit.

Fit Guaranteed!

We promise a 100% fit guarantee


Delivered to you in 6 to 7 weeks