About Cosmo Suits
We are the Bespoke Clothiers specialising in tailor made clothing for men. We specialise in bespoke Suits, Shirts, Trousers, Sports Jackets, Blazers, Tuxedos, Overcoats and Wedding Suits just to name a few. 

At Cosmo Suits we love to create what our customers like, for us tailoring is not just a profession, its a Passion.

The essence of ‘bespoke’ is in the traditional ways of working with the clients and we try and keep it like that. We meet with our clients in person to understand their needs and expectations and deliver on what was agreed to. Our goal is to create honest work and have long-term relationship with our clients. 

We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on the integrity, attention to detail and excellent workmanship. We know that once our customers have tried our products we have secured them as customers for life. 


Bespoke tailoring is all about individuality. We take our inspiration from our clients, whatever their personal style is – classic or modern, and aspire to dress them in clothing that mirrors their individual personality, lifestyle and style at large. 


Let us dress you up, if you are looking to get tailored clothes because off the rack doesn’t fit you or you know that 'one size fits all' is not true for your clothes or if you like to wear clothes that are designed keeping you in mind.  

Our clients are people working at major banks, accounting firms, law firms, security companies, real estate and AFL among others in Australia. Make an appointment and visit us at our office in Melbourne or we can come and visit you in the comfort of your home or office. We travel all across Australia on regular basis or as per the requirement of the clients.

" You can never be overdressed or overeducated "           
                                                                                                             --- Oscar   Wilde                               

If you are looking for our services but are based outside Australia, you can email your contact details at info@cosmosuits.com.au and one of our representative based in your country will get in touch with you. We have consultants travelling to the countries mentioned above.

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