Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tailor-made garments are hand crafted using approximately 2000-5000 individual stitches. The 'body' of the suit is built up using canvas which is hand sewn into the cloth to create the correct shape. Whereas shirts are also hand cut on the premises and every minor detail is taken into consideration keeping your style in mind. In addition to it, you also have an option to customize your suits, shirts and trousers by adding following features:​

    • Hand stitching on Lapel
    • Functional button holes on sleeves
    • Extra protection for arms
    • Monograms and Name Plates
    • Generous tails
    • Extensive variety of linings, buttons, collar styles, pocket styles, cuff styles, pleat styles and many more to choose from.

  • All our customers receive a fit guarantee without paying extra charges for any tweaks/alteration, if required.
  • Certainly, we can organise an appointment in the comfort of your home or office. Please call us at 0410 922 003 to find out how. Alternatively, you may click here to 'Book an appointment' and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours. 
    If you happen to be in any other state other than Victoria you can still click here to 'Book an appointment' and mention your state. We will keep you posted of our next visit to your state as our consultants travel all across Australia.
  • There are 2 different ways to get measured:​
    1. In-Person: you can click this link to 'Schedule a Fitting'
    2. Garment Cloning: If you have a garment that fits you well and would like to get the exact fit for your new garment. You can send us your sample garment and we will copy the measurements and send it back along with your new clothes.
  • No, once we have your measurements on our systems, all you need to do is select the fabric, style and fit. In case you want any changes in your previous measurements, please feel free to let us know during your appointment and we can make the adjustments accordingly.
  • We do offer great deals for Corporate and Groups, provided there is minimum order of five suits.* *Prices for bulk orders would depend on several factors like number of orders, location etc. Please contact us for further details.
  • We simply Love referrals! Infact most of our business comes via referrals.
    We are glad that you have liked our products and services and now if you would like to recommend a friend you can drop us an email at  along with your details.
  • Once your order is received it is assigned to our master cutter. Every master has at least 30 years of tailoring experience, having been through the apprenticeship scheme that has operated in Hong Kong for generations. The suit is cut according to your exact specifications, and then passed to our tailor for stitching and hand finishing.​ 

    After your order is complete it comes back to the QC department for quality check, where our quality team checks that the measurements and the styles have been correctly followed, and then it is packaged and shipped to you.
  • Yes, we offer advice when we visit you in person, we are happy to give you style advice on what will work best for you, in fact it is part of the measuring process. Some styles suit some shapes better than others, and if you need advice we are happy to offer it. Our aim is to ensure that you have a suit that flatters you.
  • Yes, we do make suits and shirts for women provided we get a sample garment to clone from.
  • Yes, all of our garments can be bought individually as well as in a suit set. This includes jackets, waistcoats, and of course, trousers.
  • Absolutely, you can send us your garment with your order. We'll be glad to incorporate any changes you might want, then return the garment you sent, along with your new one.
  • Yes, at no extra charge, of course.
  • No, we don't ship to a post box address. 
  • As all our garments are custom made for our individual clients it's not possible to change/cancel an order. However, we do understand that there could be a circumstance or situation where in a customer would like to make some changes to their order or cancel it completely. In that case the customer should inform us via email within 24 hours of placing their order. We would try our best to accommodate their request.  

    If for any reason a customer decides to cancel their order completely a Cancellation Fees will be applicable. A Cancellation Fees is determined on how far we have progressed in the manufacturing process of their garment. We would calculate the cancellation fees on a case by case bases and will inform the customer about the fees and charges promptly. 
  • When you purchase multiple items during your first order with us, we will process one item for each product from your order to ensure that you are happy with the fit. This is a standard trade practice that we follow to ensure that you get the right fit. Once you have received the first item from your order, please give us your feedback on the fit of the garment and we will then process the remainder of your order accordingly.
  • If the unpacked suit/shirt has some creases, we recommend hanging it in a steamy room overnight. If you do not have a suitable room, you can take it to your local dry cleaners for a steam ironing. Its a quick and inexpensive process; a full dry-clean is not required.
  • We are extremely proud of our high level of tailoring accuracy, but we are happy to tweak your garments and your profile for future orders to perfection. In order to tweak a suit effectively, our consultants should see you wearing the garment in order to identify the problem. Alterations usually take around two weeks to complete if it is done locally. As our fit guarantee is included in the price, any alterations needed are at no extra cost. Your measurement profile will also be duly altered to ensure the fit that you like for next time.
  • No, all our fabrics are pre-shrunk. Although there is always a residual shrinkage of 2 - 3%, we allow for this shrinkage when we custom make your suits/shirts.
  • It can take upto 8 weeks for your order to be delivered. Please also note that we do try our best to deliver your order as soon as we can, however, there are lot of factors (like customs, couriers delays etc.) that may delay your delivery which are beyond our control. 

    In case of an urgent requirement we can expedite your order to be shipped in 4 weeks at an extra cost.

    Please note that if you are ordering with us for the first time and looking to wear your suit or shirt for an Event/Wedding. We do recommend placing your order atleast 8 to 10 weeks before, leaving sufficient time for any alterations or if a remake is required.
  • Credit Cards - Visa & Mastercard
    Phone Payment - You can give us a call on 0410 922 003 to make a payment over the phone.
    Direct Deposit - You can perform a bank transfer via your online banking institution or over the counter at your local branch.​

    ​Note - Order's are not processed until full payment has been received.

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