Custom Dress Shirts
Aesthetically pleasing and physically functional

The most important aspect of a shirt is its functionality in terms of fit, fabric, colour and the pattern. When custom tailoring your shirt we look at all these elements and the properness for the person who is wearing it.

Because the shirt is tailored exactly to your body fit it embraces what you have, the person

The fit at the neck, the design of the collar, fit at the chest and shoulders, length of the arms and the length of the shirt, we make sure that all these features are right. A right collar frames the face; whilst a wide collar balances a thin face, a narrow collar is ideal for a person with a wide face. The right fitting shirt is trim at the chest and sits perfectly at the drop of the shoulders.  A perfect arm length is when the cuff sits on the wrist when buttoned up. 
Express something unique and individual about yourself

Custom tailoring is perfect for those who like to put a personal touch on their shirts. There are unlimited personalization options in terms of cuff style, number of pockets, monogramming, choice of buttons and even the thread colour of the button hole. 

Choose from a number of cuff choices, like round, angled or square in one, two, three buttons or double cuffs (french cuffs)

Shirt Collar Styles


While some might think that ‘less is more’ when it comes to having a monogram on the shirt, we think it is ‘not out of place at all’ and adds a bit of a character to your shirt. 

Personalise your shirt by adding a monogram on your shirt sleeve, cuff or the shirt pocket. Pick the thread colour of your choice, go with the matching colour thread to keep it simple and subtle or flaunt it by choosing a contrasting colour.

Fit Guaranteed!

We promise a 100% fit guarantee

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