Custom Tailored Suits

There are no two people in the world who are perfectly matched, so we wonder how can there be clothes that can perfectly match every body. They say people judge the book by its cover, which means people judge us by the way we dress. We look after people who want to look good. Custom clothing is not just for famous people, it is important for everyone to look good; it is something to aspire for.
  • Cotton Suit with One Button and Slim Peak Lapel
  • 2 Button Grey Suit
  • Three Button Suit with Notch Lapel
  • 2 Button Suit with Waist Coat
One Button Suits

One button suit style is generally popular for tuxedo or dinner jackets and is worn on a formal occasions because of its low cut. As men are becoming more fashion savvy one button jackets are making their way into business wear as well as casual trendy jackets. 
A perfectly cut one button jacket accentuates shoulders and waist and looks great on a slim figure.
Two Button Suits

Classic and timeless, two button suit jackets are a universal choice as it fits just about any build very well. Two button jackets are a perfect choice as a work wear and they easily transform as an evening wear jacket too.
A deep cut 2 button jacket adds a few inches to the torso as it gives an illusion of a longer, slimmer torso and a shorter cut nicely proportions a longer torso thus beautifully enhancing the features.
Three Button Suits

We love the 3 button suits as much as we love the 2 button suits. They do a good job of breaking the monotony of a 2 button suit and make its wearer stand apart from the crowd. High cut 3 button jackets looks quite visually appealing on taller men as it proportions their long torso and streamlines the look.  They are also a great option for men who like to wear waist coat.
Customizable Collar Felts in Vibrant Colours

There are small details that you can add to your bespoke suit to make it truly yours.  Design your suit to have features as you prefer – kissing buttons or working buttons, colourful thread for the button holes on sleeves and on the front of the jacket, monogramming, extra room for the watch... did we mention, choices are endless.


We carry a vast range of fabrics from the best mills in the world. Some of the brands that we carry are Dormeuil, Guabello, Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Delfino, Lanificio Di Marzoni, John Coopers.
  • Blue Bemberg Lining
  • Purple Bemberg Lining
  • Pink Bemberg Lining

A pure wool suit is not complete if it doesn’t have bemberg lining inside.
Beautifully complimenting a pure wool suit in more ways than one, bemberg lining is the most breathable lining and helps in maintaining the temperature of the body.  Add the luxurious feel and elegant look of silk to the suit by adding bemberg lining in vibrant colours.

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