Tailor Made Experience
Tailoring is an art which is mastered over the years. A good tailor understands that a good suit is about Fit, Fabric and Form. While the fit and fabric is the first thing that we see in a suit, its construction, is something that determines the final price of the suit. The construction or the structure of a suit is created by what goes underneath. There is a layer of canvas or fused interlining that sits between the suit fabric and the lining. 

A fused interlining is glued to the suit jacket fabric. Glued interlining does a reasonable job of keeping the shape of the jacket. Fused interlining are increasingly used in the suits these days as they  are price perfect plus with the improvement in fusing technology they do last a fair bit. 

The other option is canvassing the jacket which is how the suits were made traditionally. There are multiple layers of canvas that are stitched together. With time the canvas starts to conform to the natural body shape and fits better with every wear. 

Why Canvassing?

The stitching of the canvas to the jacket is very minute and is done individually, it requires a high level of skill and time. A canvassed jacket compliments a great cut and gives an excellent foundation to the suit.

Full Canvas – On a fully canvassed jacket, the canvas fabric goes on the entire front length of the jacket and on the lapel. The canvas is loosely sewn to the jacket so that the fabric can move easily with the body movement. 

Semi Canvas – In a half canvas jacket, the canvas extends from the shoulder to the chest and the lapels  and gives support to the suit where it needs the most. 

a suit

to suit your budget


With the tailor made suit you can choose to spend not for the label but for the quality of the suit. If you are price sensitive a fused tailor made suit can still look great as you get a great fit.


For the price competitive men, they have a happy option of going for the semi canvassed jacket and get value for their money.


For men who appreciate classic, premium quality suits a fully canvassed suit is something that will last forever and will be a cherished item in the wardrobe.
Over 5000 fabrics sourced from the world's best mills
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... Dormeuil

We carry a vast range of fabrics at different prices from the best mills in the world to choose from. Some of the brands that we carry are, Dormeuil, Guabello, Delfino, Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Lanificio di Marzoni, Vitale Barberis Canonico and John Coopers.

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