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Timeless weddings

Wedding is a very special day in every couple’s life with lots of dreams and expectations attached to it. Your wedding can be a casual or a formal affair but as years pass by, you want to remember it as a timeless wedding. 

Dressing up on your special day is important as looking good gives you the confidence, but it is also important as it sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. The day belongs to you and your bride; you both decide the wedding theme, the time of the ceremony, the location and we tailor the appropriate wedding day ensemble for you. 

We have a vast collection of fabrics and colours to choose from. A beautiful beige suit in cotton or linen for your beach wedding, a grey wool suit for your garden wedding or a tuxedo for your black tie wedding, we can tailor attire for every place, time and ceremony.

Black Wedding Suit with Waist Coat and Pocket Square
Black Wedding Suit with Waist Coat / Vest
Light Colour Wedding Suit
White colour Wedding Suit
Black Wedding Suit with White Vest
Tuxedo | Dinner Suit
Whatever your signature style is – classic or modern; we've got you covered. Your Tuxedo will be elegant and stylish without being expensive.

Wedding Party

​While your bride spends months in deciding her dress and the bridesmaids dresses, we have taken it upon ourselves to simplify your shopping experience. 

We will look after every detail from fabric, colour, style, fit and measurements. We will work with you and your bride to ensure that your suit complements her dress, and the groomsmen are also dressed in a suit that stands out from the other wedding guests. We will also make sure that their attire coordinates with the wedding theme party and complements the bridesmaids dresses.​​​​

The service does not end here. There is no expensive tag attached to your custom suit. The idea behind the service is to dress the man on a budget. Taking out all the downsides from a tailor made suit, the suit would be delivered to you in 5 to 6 weeks.​ 

With a little bit of careful selection you will be walking down the aisle looking sophisticated, stylish and elegant. You may afterwards wear the same suit over and again at races, balls or as a formal dinner suit.

Let the party begin!

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We promise a 100% fit guarantee

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